Paulie Ayala’s Professional Career

Paulie Ayala was born and raised in Fort Worth, TX. During his illustrious boxing career, he earned world titles in two weight divisions with several successful defenses. He was also named Ring Magazine World Champion and the "1999 Fighter of the Year".

Ring Magazine - 1999 Figher of the Year

Paulie Ayala's professional boxing career debut was November 27, 1992 when he faced Jaime Olvera. Ayala won the six round fight by decision from the judges. He continued in 1993 with seven fights throughout the year. He won all seven, four by knockout, one of which was veteran Jesse Magana who went down in the fourth round.

In 1994 Ayala fought four fights. One of his fights was againt veteran Lee Cargle, who had faced several world champions and worthy opponents in many countries. Ayala knocked Cargle out in the third round and won his other three fights.

A big year awaited Ayala in 1995 when he would win his first championship fight. Along with winning all five of his bouts in 1995, Ayala defeated Mike Espinoza by knockout in the third round in Ft. Worth, Texas and claimed the regional, North American Boxing Federation (NABF) Bantamweight title. His title was challenged twice by the end of 1995 by Mario Diaz and Sergio Millan. Ayala won both bouts by decision in 12 rounds.

NABF Bantamweight Champion

Ayala spend the year of 1996 defending his title against two challengers. Roland Gomez was knocked out by Ayala in the seventh round and Ayala defeated Ivan Alvarez by decision in twelve rounds.

In 1997 Ayala continued to defend his regional belt by winning all four of his bouts. He won a twelve round fight against Famosito Gomez by decision and knocked out Roberto Lopez in the fifth round.

In his seventh year as a professional boxer Ayala would finally get his first shot at a world title. He won two fights in the beginning of 1998 and his third was for a world championship. Ayala traveled to Japan and challenged the WBC world Bantamweight champion Joichiro Tatsuyoshi on August 23, 1998. Ayala would lose the fight by knockout in the seventh round after the fight was stopped due to a cut Ayala recieved. The cut, which was ruled as caused by a punch, is said by some to have been produced by a headbutt, which would have sent the decision to the judges scorecards. Ayala returned to the states without the title, but it would not be long until he got his next chance.

1999 was kicked off with a fight against David Vazquez. Ayala won the ten round bout by decision and then got his second opportunity to become the world champion. This time the fight was against the undefeated WBA world Bantamweight champion Johnny Tapia in Las Vegas on June 26, 1999. Ayala dealt Tapia his first loss by defeating him by decision in twelve rounds. Ayala became the WBA world Bantamweight champion on his HBO Boxing debut and fought such a good fight that is was named The Ring Magazine's 1999 fight of the year. Ayala would go on to defend his title once in 1999 by defeating Saohin Sorthanicol.

WBA World Bantamweight Champion

In 2000 Ayala was challenged to a rematch by Johnny Tapia and the bout took place on July 10, 2000 and was also telecast on HBO Boxing. The fight was not a world title bout due to the WBA's refusal, however, it was fought for the title of the IBA, which is a minor organization that is not recognized as a world title association by the majority of boxing fans. Again Ayala took the bout by decision in twelve rounds. Prior to the rematch Ayala did defend his title against former world champion Johnny Bredahl on March 4th with a twelve round win by decision.

Ayala fought Hugo Dianzo on March 30, 2001 in an ESPN televised fight. Despite being knocked down in the fourth round, Ayala came back to take the fight by decision in twelve rounds, thus retaining his title. The two fights that followed were both against Clarence Bones Adams. Adams was a former world champion. These fights were recognized by the IBO, another minor organization. Ayala delt Adams two loses, both by way of decision in twelve.

IBO World Champion

Ayala was moving up in weight class and on November 16, 2002 he fought the WBC world Featherweight champion Erik Morales. This time Ayala lost by decision in twelve rounds.

He returned to the ring on November 15, 2003 and was now in the Super Bantamweight division. In a bout against Edel Ruiz in Dallas, Ayala won by unanimous decision in ten rounds.

Ayala would once again try his hand in the Featherweight division and took on former world champion Marco Antonio Barrera. Ayala was defeated in Los Angeles on June 19, 2004 by a knockout from Barrera in the tenth round.

Featherweight Belt

Later that year in September, Ayala announced his retirement from boxing. Ayala had a record of 35 wins, 3 losses and 12 knockouts. He remains committed to the Lord and to being a good example to his children and other kids.